Use the contact form to provide the services and details you need. I or another agent will contact you to inquire more, go over the process and finally provide you with an invoice.
We're testing this service in Sacramento but we plan on expanding to new markets in Q4 2021.
If buyer falls out of pending, switches agent/ firm, or any other reason commission is not received then Realtor/ Broker agrees to pay a la cart services provided by mysideclick.com payable within 5 business days. Realtor /Broker allows mysideclick.com to verify failed commission. If Realtor or Broker is found to have lied about commission then Realtor or Broker agree that mysideclick.com can pursue legal action up to three times the commission amount owed and also may involve a complaint with your firm, CAR, etc.
No. The transaction coordinator is not affiliated with Turtlestone Group. They serve as a independent contractor.