While the “other guys” thrive on high budgets and high end renovations we thrive on being the low cost alternative for the EVERY DAY homeowners who don’t have 10’s of thousands of dollars to help transform their home into a more welcoming, warmer space that fits the vibe you’re seeking.

My partners and I work together in coming up with a plan and style that involves low cost alternatives, decor, and solutions to fit any budget. 

Below are projects we’ve worked on, feel free to contact us for a initial consult.


Project: Lopez Airbnb
Location: Sacramento, CA
Project Notes: Owner wanted to change his Airbnb from a hostel environment to more of a welcoming space for guests. 
Budget: under $3k

Our Mission
With an ever changing budget that reduced over the project, due to unexpectant financial reasons, we were still able to turn the space into a warm, inviting home with perks. First, we changed wall colors of the entire house which brighten up the home and a warmer feeling.

Next, we switched the living room and dining room space so the living room could take advantage of having an open concept kitchen, nice fireplace and access to the outside area for future entertainment.

Finally we changed decor from comforters, wall art, added a welcome table and even a coffee cart. We also suggested turning the 3rd bedroom into a office/ exercise room as 3 guests to 1 bath was not ideal, the owner took our advice and now has a dual function area that adds value to his new Airbnb vibe which he can now increase his monthly rates as a result to make up for the lost revenue from losing the additional bedroom.

Even with the increased monthly rates due to reducing the third bedroom, guests saw the improvements and already booked out the remaining part of 2021 including an out of town family who mentioned the style as the reason they chose this Airbnb! The owner’s positive reviews increased, many mentioning the new style as a drastic improvement. 

Owners Feedback