Realtor Services

Our mysideclick services are actually for our fellow realtors. YOU are our clients and we want to provide you with peace of mind while receiving help.

Many times while working in both WA State and California I found myself searching for help however there were issues with trust with certain agents, not giving their best on tours, pouching our clients or even not finding agents to help with inspections. Our mysideclick services allows you to FINALLY have a service built for agents performed by licensed agents!

Do you have clients that want to see homes TODAY or days you are busy or on vacation? Not only are we licensed and have ekey to tour the home with your client we also market it as if it was one of our own. Better yet, no more worrying about agents pouching your clients as we agree to a 45-day non compete agreement with all your clients. Meaning, your client is YOUR client with or without a buyers agreement so we do not try to persuade them to change agents.

Even if your client during the 45-day window wants us to represent them we provide the agent with a 50% referral fee to show you how serious we are about making sure you feel confident we want your clients to stay yours.

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