Why Concierge Services

Say goodbye to low commission referrals

You work hard to promote your real estate business. You FINALLY find a client in Sacramento, the problem is you don’t live in Sacramento. 🤦 What do you do? The outdated way is send a referral for 25% to an agent in the area, sometimes an agent you don’t know, and take the risk they don’t lose your client. Even if they don’t and you get your 25% you can’t help but feel you handed over 75% on YOUR client.

With mysideclick.com your client stays your clients! No more giving away majority commissions! The entire process your clients know YOU’RE their agent and we’re outsourced or an extension of your real estate business. You stay in control yet have assistance with a local realtor with local knowledge.

Offer your clients additional services

Separate yourself from other agents by offering services you don’t have time to handle or monitor and take back more time to focus on acquiring more clients, yourself or your family.

Help with your paperwork

Don’t want to worry about paperwork? We offer an independent transaction coordinator!

Help your clients with preapproval process

We work with various lenders your clients can talk with to shop around for their best rates. We send your buyers contact info to 3 lender options and help your clients stay focused and organized through the process.

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